High-Tech Features Boost the Ford Focus RS' Energetic Driving Performance

The Ford Focus RS is a limited edition model designed for performance enthusiasts. Stocked with many great technology features, these popular compact performance hatchbacks are ready to zoom down the fast lane.

When you're driving a Focus RS, you can face any type of road condition. The All-Wheel-Drive System automatically adjusts to unexpected driving conditions. This system can also be operated manually, allowing drivers to choose between power distributions like Sport, Drift, Normal, and Track. The car's brake system has also been optimized with the latest technology. Thanks to ducts that connect to the front fascia, the Ford Focus RS brake system has an innovative cooling mechanism.

For the perfect combination of high-performance and high-tech, drivers should check out the Ford Focus RS. Head to Donley Ford of Galion Inc. today to get out on the road in one of these energetic Ford vehicles!




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