The Function and Importance of Cabin and Engine Air Filters

Fresh filtered air is not only good for you and your passengers it is also essential for your vehicle's engine. Just as the cabin air filter keeps fresh, clean air in your vehicle's interior the engine air filter works efficiently to keep your vehicle's engine at its top performance.

Cabin Air Filter Function and Replacement

The cabin air filter is essential in removing particles, such as pollen, mold spores, and dust, that can enter the interior of the vehicle. During regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance the technician will examine your filter and replace as needed.

Engine Air Filter Function and Replacement

The engine air filter is a significant part of keeping your vehicle's engine getting the clean air it needs to improve acceleration and performance. The technician will remove and inspect the filer for excessive dirt and debris.

Filter replacement is a significant part of maintaining a vehicle. The technicians at Donley Ford of Galion Inc. are there to help with all your vehicle's maintenance.
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