The Ford Mustang Sounds as Powerful as It Looks

Everyone recognizes a Ford Mustang when they see one of these iconic muscle cars cruising down the highway. And even before you see it, you can hear the Mustang approaching with its distinctive growling engine sound. Fast and powerful, the Ford Mustang delivers all the performance you expect from a muscle car and engages all your senses as well.

The engineers at the Ford Motor Company know that auditory senses are as important as other senses of sight and touch. We are wired to respond to certain sounds, and when we hear the throaty rumble of a Mustang, we instantly react in a physical response. These engineers have designed a new exhaust system with valves that can be opened and closed for different sounds as set by the driver. The Ford Mustang's new responsive performance exhaust will be available for the 2019 2.3-liter EcoBoost Mustang.

We here at Donley Ford of Galion Inc. are excited about the new exhaust sound options available for the Ford Mustang. Come in today and take one of our many models out for a test drive around Galion, and you will be amazed at the experience!



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