The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is the vehicle of choice among large families and organizations who desire the extra interior space. The latest vehicles boast a number of technological features that enhance safety and entertainment. Stop by our Galion location and take a tour of the 2019 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon.

Link a smartphone or other mobile device to the sound system using SYNC 3. In this way, drivers are able to make or receive calls or text messages without taking their hands from the steering wheel. Find destination instructions or quickly locate a place to grab a bite to eat or the next fueling station. Listen to your favorite playlist too.

The lane warning technology emits a vibration through the steering wheel should the driver veer into a different lane without using the turn signal. Drivers also receive an audio/visual alert in the event that they become drowsy. Try a Transit on the road by visiting our Donley Ford of Galion Inc.