Ford Mustang Active Performance Exhaust Audio Engineering

The Ford Mustang GT has been hailed by critics and drivers for its performance options that aren’t available with any of its competitors. Ford has made it so that you can customize every part of your driving experience, including the performance settings with different transmission and drivetrain styles. There is even the Active Valve Performance Exhaust system. This is a way to adjust the sound of your exhaust.

For example, if you wanted to start in a quiet mode for early mornings at home, you can set it to start in quiet mode at the same time every day. However, Ford wanted to make sure that customers could also change the decibel level to louder. You can choose between four different exhaust settings, including quiet, normal, sport, and track.

You can set it to track to hear the loudest decibel level with your exhaust. Want to experience the difference? You can stop by Donley Ford of Galion Inc. for a test drive.



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