Built for Adventure: Ford Explorer

The new Ford Explorer is the go-to ride among SUVs. Its popularity is easy to grasp and to see. Explorer is big and brawny yet polished, with oodles of power to match its impressive stability and handling.

Tackling Whatever Terrain Life Presents

Explorer's Terrain Management System has our Donley Ford of Galion team really excited. This system optimizes Explorer's engine and drivetrain to negotiate a plethora of diverse road conditions, weather and landscapes. A single user-friendly dial on the central console lets you activate the Terrain Management System in order to overcome sand, ice, deep snow and many other driving scenarios with equal ease and stability.

More Engine Power for Less Fuel

Like many of its relatives in the Ford lineup, Explorer boasts a 3.0L EcoBoost engine. EcoBoost combines direct injection with turbocharging to deliver impressive engine power while maintaining fuel economy. The result is a bunch of engine power without worries about expending expensive fuel.

We invite to your Galion dealership today to test drive Ford Explorer. We look forward to sharing our Explorer enthusiasm with you.




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